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Well I thought I would share some news on my Total Hip Replacement.  On May 9th, 2018 I got an anterior right total hip replacement.  Ceramic on Ceramic.  I was 44 years old and have been an avid runner for the past 10 years running 3-4 thousand miles a year with about 2 marathons a year.  Ran Boston 8 times with a 2:34:28 marathon at the age of 40.

I was able to start biking pretty good about 4 weeks after the surgery, but running never felt good for a long time.  My hip felt pretty good hiking at inclines of 20-40%, so it was nice to get in the mountains here in Alaska or on the incline treadmill.  I would be careful coming down though and used trekking poles.

I’ve just recently started doing anything that resembles to running.  I would say at 10 months, I was able to shuffle pretty comfortable but a long stride and flat terrain still didn’t feel great on the hip.  This past month it has been feeling much better.  I run about 3 times a week between 5-8 miles and can keep a 7:30 pace and have it feel pretty good on the hip.  The other days I bike and hike.

I guess my advice to everyone is just be patient.  When I would see stories of people running after a few months, it was kinda discouraging because I was nowhere near that.  I would always think something went wrong in my surgery or I would never be able to run again.  It just takes time to recover and everyone is different.  I am so happy where I’m at now and I know it’ll get better as time goes.  I’m super stoked to run the uphill mountain races here in Alaska this summer, especially after missing all last summer recovering.  They key for me is to make sure I don’t overtrain and mix it up with biking and hiking.

My other hip is pretty arthritic as well, but I hope to get another 2 years of playing before getting that one done.  It’s been a tough journey this year physically and mentally, but its definitely worth it.

Good luck to everyone who is thinking about getting a hip replacement or is recovering.


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      Well I thought I would share some news on my Total Hip Replacement.  On May 9th, 2018 I got an anterior right total hip replacement.  Ceramic on Ceram
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      Hi Ton
      I am 6 weeks post op after an anterior Ceramin aIn Ceramicand really appreciate your post. I am a club athlete and will need my right hip doing in 2 years apparently so we are in quite similar positions health wise.
      Starting to bike and swim nicely but am not comfortable thinking about running until at least 3 months when I shall slowly see how I go.
      Good luck in your progress

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      Hello Tom
      Mine was done on 12 May 2018 but a highly cross linked polyethylene acetabulum .
      Prior to surgery i was an avid ultra runner and i was also pretty traumatized by not being able to run.
      My left hip ,i am told, is also in a sad state but i am putting that op off for as long as i can.
      I have also recently started slow jogging but i am now overweight and relatively unfit still.
      My goal is to do my 20th Comrades marathon next year in June. I still have some pain in both hips,
      but on the operated leg it appears to be more muscular. Will post more on my progress ,or lack of it as time passes.I am also wary of damaging the hardware so my comeback, as with you, will be slow.
      Best wishes

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      Thank you for posting this. It gives me hope! I’m 14-weeks post op from left anterior hip replacement. Big marathon runner before the surgery. I have been going back to spin classes since about 6 weeks post op and PT for many weeks. I just tried to run for the first time last Saturday, 1 mile…..it felt good to run again but it was very rough. My hip hurt….not the joint..the joint pain is gone but it is mostly glute pain now and SI joint pain. I tried again Monday and it was not good either. My Dr at 12-week check up had said all normal that one day I’ll wake up and not even think about it and the pain will be gone. So, anyway, needless to say I got discouraged quickly after that 2nd run….reading this is helping. Patience is NOT a strength of mine at all. Thank you for the post……

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      Dave Whiteside

      Equinox, yes I do a tri every week as I believe the cross training helps and gives me a break from just running. I do something 6 days a week, taking Friday off and Saturday is my usual long run day, anywhere from 20-30 miles. Everyone is different and you just have to go at your pace and slow down when you feel any issues. If you push too hard and don’t respect your body, your hip will eventually tell you. Believe me, I’ve had 2 one year injuries, my hip is fine it’s just the area around my hip that gives me the pain that then moves down the leg. The last 2 years I’ve had more patience and backed off from speed work and it’s been working well for me. Over the last 6 months I won a 12 hour race and did very well in a 100 mile race, so anything is possible.

      Silver, let us know if you did Comrades and how it was. I wanted to do it this year but it sold out so quickly I missed it. I’m planning on running it 2021.

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